The aim of Health Defence is to create a healthier lifestyle for everyone in the community after seeing the urgent need.

Engagement of young people, particularly adolescent men, is a constant challenge. Young people often disengage from support services provided through schools and youth outreach and, while they may feel part of their peer community, they are less invested in the wider community. Young people can lack plans and aspirations for their futures, are often unaware of opportunities open to them and can be considered too challenging, or troublesome by employers. Without effective engagement on neutral terms it is almost impossible to ensure take-up of effective interventions, leading our young people to resorting to less positive activities.

It is proposed that the redevelopment of the available facilities at Albion Place W6 (just off King Street Hammersmith W6) incorporates a range of activities targeted at young men, but available also to young women and the wider community. Focussed around a boxing club, physical training, lifestyle (nutrition and healthy living), vocational training courses (construction, in the first instance) and mentoring will be provided. 

Through the work, centred around the Boxing Club, a programme of interventions will be made available, the “deal” being that participation in training, lifestyle and employment related activities for example are rewarded by activities more directly related to the boxing club.


Redevelopment of the centre

It is estimated that £20,000-£30,000 + of capital investment would be required to get the current premises into a high standard and safe working environment. This would then comprise;

  • Boxing club training room
  • Toilet 
  • Changing room
  • Shower room
  • 2 further rooms suitable for training
  • A basic refreshment/kitchen
  • Small centre office

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