Sessions & Classes

Defence and Offence

Even if you have no previous experience, the key to developing your boxing/kickboxing ability is to create a solid foundation from the start. Beginning with basic defence, offence, and footwork techniques, you will learn and develop these skills. As well as boxing you will be introduced to simple and basic kicking techniques, you will learn new ways to enhance your fitness routine while improving your speed, agility, coordination, and control.


Footwork, Movement and Coordination

This programme is the ideal way to learn the correct boxing/kickboxing techniques that will take your training to the next level. Guidance and motivation from your instructor Max Wallace will ensure your movements and footwork are grounded to make sure your coordination is improved with each session. Your full body workout will deliver fast effective results giving you greater confidence in your boxing/kicking ability.



Boxing/kickboxing delivers a balanced combination of high and low intensity workout as well as enhancing your fitness and endurance levels. Max Wallace will work with you to build strength and power, sharpen your accuracy and coordination leading to a more toned, leaner and fitter body and mind.



Confidence is fundamental to developing your boxing/kickboxing techniques. As you start your journey with Health Defence you may feel some of the movements seem unnatural to your body but after acquainting yourself and repeating these movements they will become second nature to you giving you greater self confidence, physical wellbeing in most areas of your life. So get yourself prepared to experience HEALTH DEFENCE.